kPoint Technologies Enables Over 2X Growth in L&D Video Content for Global Taxation Advisory Major

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kPoint Technologies Enables
Over 2X Growth in L&D
Video Content for
Global Taxation Advisory Major

Executive Summary

One of the world’s leading taxation advisory providers was looking to embrace video as a key cog of their L&D practice in India. It was looking to partner with a company that could provide cloud-based hosting, offer managed video services, and customize the solution in line with the company’s unique L&D and compliance needs.

The company partnered kPoint Technologies due to its extensive video expertise and past experience of working with multinational companies.

Getting to Know the Customer

The customer is a multinational professional services provider. Its core services include assurance, tax consulting, financial audits, and advisory, operating out of 700+ offices in more than 150 countries around the globe. It is recognized as a long-standing market leader and is part of the world’s Big 4 accounting firms. The company has a strongly employee-centric culture and has been named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For as per Fortune Magazine for the past 21 years. A robust learning & development (L&D) practice is central to this value proposition.

Key Learning & Development Use Cases to be Addressed

The company prioritizes employee centricity and is steadfastly focused on skilling, upskilling, and reskilling its workforce. As a knowledge-intensive organization, the company’s business performance is directly linked to its efficiency in  how efficiently it can make internal knowledge and information available to its employees. The company’s tax team recognised the potential of video as a medium for the dissemination of domain-specific knowledge assets. For example, updates regarding amendments and regulations would be better absorbed from video-based knowledge delivery, improving employee engagement, retention, and eventually performance. 

The company decided to leverage video at strategic junctures of the employee journey. This includes: 

  • Session recordings of the new hires induction program, to serve as reference material 
  • Interactive microlearning content pertaining to niche, tax domain-specific topics 
  • Mandatory training videos to help employees stay compliant and earn learning credits 
  • Integrated workflows that factor in the unique learning path for each team member
  • Recordings of subject matter experts that are edited for future reference

The company was looking for a video management platform that would be white-labeled to meet its branding and custom UI requirements. It also wanted to provide users with a rich digital experience, with the ability to view trending videos, subscribe to video channels, create playlists, etc.

The Journey to Video based learning

The company selected KPOINT Technologies for its established presence in the video space for over ten years, and also our experience in serving multinational companies. We partnered with the company on every step of the video transition journey, from integrating content to providing managed services, hosting, UI enhancement, analytics, and more. Here are the key solution components as leveraged by the client: 

  1. Content curation 
    The company relied on KPOINT’s content services to create video learning content into bite-sized modules. These were structured in line with personalized learning pathways for each employee. KPOINT also helped edit induction and knowledge sharing session recordings and remove sensitive portions to make the content consumable for future reference. 
  2. The kPoint video management platform 
    The platform hosted and organized the video content repository for the client in a white-label environment, in sync with its corporate branding and standardized UI. Users could author new videos, promote trending content, enable playlist creation, and make videos searchable through chapterization. And thanks to AWS cloud infrastructure, employees across locations could access time-sensitive regulatory content without delays. 
  3. Detailed and customized learning analytics 
    KPOINT customized the platform’s analytics capabilities as per the company’s work-based learning (WBL) module requirements free of cost. The company wanted to track specific metrics like assigned vs. completed learnings per user and monthly consumption of learning hours per user in line with the company’s (specifically, the tax team) learning policy mandate. KPOINT generates and shares these custom reports as per prespecified frequency in the SLAs. 
  4. Video integration from third-party sources 
    KPOINT Technologies developed a new feature that would enable easy video ingestion from a third-party knowledge source pertaining to the taxation industry. This allowed the company to build a central video repository and all the platform’s features (including analytics) would be extended to the newly ingested videos from the source.

Tangible Business Benefits

The company successfully executed a video-based L&D landscape that wouldn’t just inform employees about their latest industry updates,  but would meaningfully engage them for long-term knowledge retention. By partnering with kPoint, it was able to: 

  • Drive microlearning – Videos were edited to create bite-sized content for easy consumption and retention. 
  • Reduce efforts – KPOINT’s managed services helped record and edit various knowledge sharing sessions with minimal in-house intervention. 
  • Stay compliant – Thanks to the cloud, employees receive video updates whenever the regulatory landscape undergoes a change. 
  • Streamline the viewing experience – Employees could navigate videos through chapters, search via playlists, and gain from interactivity. 
  • Track employee learning – The team received detailed reports on per employee video consumption, and learning progress. 
  • Eliminate fragmentation – The platform acts as a one-stop video repository, ingesting content from third-party sources. 
  • Boost engagement – Trending videos and peer-to-peer sharing helped to further increase viewership. 

The Results

The association, consisting of content curation, a white-label learning video platform, powerful analytics, and video ingestion from external sources, was able to increase viewership among corporate learners by more than 10X times and drive a 2X growth in the volume of video content produced.

A dramatic rise in viewership hours, from 562 in 2019 to 14,968 in 2020 and 12,858 in 2021 (till June)

Over 2x growth in video content volumes, from 281 assets in 2019 to 547 assets in 2020, and 641 by June 2021.

This has proved that video content is 1200% more successful than other content.

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