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BAIF Reach Farmers
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About BAIF

BAIF is one of the largest non-profit organizations in India, working with local communities and stakeholders in over 98,334 villages in 12 states. For the past 53 years, they have been developing sustainable livelihoods raising productivity in farming and livestock by applying new technologies, conserving natural resources, and promoting education and health amongst farmers. BAIF also offers a range of knowledge-based resources and learning opportunities to farmer communities.

The Challenges

BAIF conducts on-site training programs for farmers in remote rural areas. It was the only option when mobile and data connectivity were not reliable or absent in remote parts of India. With the penetration of 4G connectivity in many parts of rural India, BAIF has started the development of video-based courses. During the COVID-19 pandemic, on-site training was not an option any longer. BAIF now needed a solution for conducting a blended mode of on-site, online, and self-paced learning. With online learning, BAIF could also reach out to more farmers.

BAIF faced the following challenges:

  • Training on a topic needed to be conducted repeatedly for different groups.
  • A sufficient number of Subject Matter Experts to teach individual farming groups in-person were not available.
  • Live streaming video training requires a very reliable internet connection.
  • Farmers are mostly based in locations where internet bandwidth is sufficient for self-paced learning but not for on-line synchronous training.

The Solution

kPoint Technologies have integrated their Video Streaming Solution with an LMS developed by BAIF. The solution needed to cater to a large number of farmers that are not technically adept. While mobile technology has penetrated rural India the internet connectivity is still rudimentary.  

The solution features the following video related components:

  1. A simple mobile application for easy access to video-based courses.
  2. Videos can be downloaded for offline viewing.
  3. Video courses are developed/ translated into several regional languages.
  4. The kPoint platform captures video analytics about coursework done by farmers. 

The Benefits

The kPoint supports the mobile LMS to deliver high-quality training courses to farmers across India. Now farmers learn at their convenience and benefit from the training resources provided by BAIF.

The kPoint video-based approach directly provides farmers the following benefits:

  1. Videos made by the best trainers are now available to all farmers. The videos use multimedia and are effective teaching tools. 
  2. Farmers learn at their own pace and convenience using adaptive video streaming and downloads that allow video playback without an internet connection. 
  3. The Exact video usage analytics passed by kPoint to the LMS enables BAIF to award the certificate of completion.

The key benefits of using kPoint technology for BAIF were as follows:

  1. It took a very short time to implement and deploy the solution. A customized video experience for a Learning Management system was rapidly built using kPoint REST APIs. 
  2. Training courses could be scaled easily for large numbers of farmers by simply scaling the technology backend for serving video.
  3. Multilingual subtitles with spoken word search in vernacular languages is a future consideration.
  4. Detailed analytics are provided that can track the use of the whole system.

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