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Testimonial - K point


Riti Jani
AGM, Bank Of Baroda

Live streaming and its automatically produced video on demand enable our organization to run different programs. One of our flagship programs is Baroda Radio, where we get different folks across BoB to speak on different topics. Availability of the VOD post live helps users to watch during non-banking hours.

Oil & Gas

Mahendra Kumar
GM T & D, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

In the current situation, where dissemination of knowledge is a challenge due to proximity difficulties and where we are facing the challenge of staying connected and keeping the employees engaged, we have seen the kPoint enterprise video management platform help us in ensuring that the learning continues and that employees face no difficulty in sharing their knowledge with the rest of the organization.

Information Security

Logix logo
Prashant Mudbidri
Director, Logix

At our scale, videos play an important role: Videos bring efficiency to the process. A customer gets help at convenience. An inside sales person can send more visual information and reach more prospects. What we like about kPoint is ease of use. We can quickly create a multimedia video and share it with customers. Our prospects, employees and customers like this visual communication.


Hero MotoCorp
Vijay Sethi
CIO and Head of CSR, HeroMoto Corp

Whenever we launch a new thing, whether it’s a new system or a new policy, process in the organization people look forward the video with respect to that. I think kPoint is doing a fantastic job.


Tata Communications
Allwyn Dsilva
Associate Director, Capability and Skill Development, Tata Communications

One of the key pillars of our internal digitization journey has been kPoint and the videofication of our learning, communication and knowledge management has had immense value for our employees and stakeholders.

Corporate Communications

Saurav Chakrabarti
General Manager, Tata Business Excellence Group

kPoint helped us immensely when we embarked on our digitization of best practices journey. It’s been a great journey for us, and with a good amount of success.


Akshay Hulikavi
Sr. Manager – Information Technology, Thermax

Informing and training distributors is critical to Thermax’s business success. To cut down on cost and time, we have started using kPoint as a platform to train our distributor network, without the need for our trainers to travel. We can use the kapsules for refresher training. We had excellent support from the kPoint team that ensured trouble free sessions.


Mr. Milind Mutalik
Senior HR Director, Synechron

Synechron prides itself in its consultants spending 100% of the allocated time resolving critical issues for global customers. We wanted to ensure that this high productivity is maintained and yet they do not lose out on learning opportunities and their engagement with the rest of Synechron remains high. kPoint has effectively addressed both these challenges for us. Our experts create rich multi-media content that feels “live” with close-to-zero effort. kPoint provides facilities for targeted promotion to employees and gives us insights into its effectiveness. In addition, kPoint provided us with deep content search that yields huge time saving for our content users and creators.


Monish Darda
Co-founder and CTO, ICERTIS

Our enterprise customers have a global presence and our applications cut across business units and people functions. User training is critical for product adoption and overall user experience – customized, contextual and visual content that speaks the user’s language. It is very valuable in improving user training.

Saurav Chakrabarti
General Manager
at Tata Business Excellence Group


Linzee Santana
Sales Enablement Manager
at Tata Communications


Prashant Mudbidri
at Logix


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