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Elevated L&D Function

About the Customer

The customer is a leading software services provider in India. This MNC has 150,000+ employees spread across the globe. Identifying the need for delivering formal training to its employees and ensuring that the company remains on the cutting edge of technology, management and leadership has established a dedicated Learning & Development (L&D) department. The department has 600+ personnel in various groups. It is responsible for identifying the learning needs of employees, interacting with various BUs (Business Units) to understand technology trends and training requirements for each BU, setting up the platforms and infrastructure for delivering the training, developing learning content and operationalizing the delivery of learning.

The four key L&D initiatives are

1. Role-based training
2. Continuing education
3. Executive training
4. Certification – both external and internal certification programs

Challenge: Delivering Global Video-Learning with an Integrated Platform

Video-learning forms an important part of all the 4 initiatives. The L&D department was seeking a platform that would facilitate global video-based learning for its entire employee base. It had to have the following characteristics:
1. Easy to create custom video-based learning content as per training requirements
2. Secure hosting and streaming of the video-learning content over the Internet; accessible anywhere, anytime
3. Sharing of the content with individuals or groups with enterprise-grade access control for Business Unit specific content and an interactive, collaborative learning experience
4. Viewership tracking, analytics and reporting on the content for formal learning delivery as cataloged video-learning courses
5. Integrate well with the enterprise application ecosystem and the existing L&D processes in the MNC
6. Robust platform that would scale seamlessly based on viewership patterns and the requirements of a growing organization.

kPoint for Video-Learning across the Enterprise: Solution and Benefits

kPoint offered them the platform that met all the requirements comprehensively, and it was chosen to deliver global video-based learning for all employees, with a multi-year road map making it a strategic component of the L&D plans for the organization.

kPoint API Framework


How kPoint integrated into the enterprise L&D Ecosystem

The L&D department has successfully deployed and integrated kPoint to:

Record trainings as video kapsules: Technical pieces of training, soft-skills trainings, domain trainings, leadership skills and management trainings are recorded as multimedia kPoint kapsules. Video and content, fully searchable, easy to navigate and interactive.

Single Sign-On integration (SSO) with the corporate directory for seamless access and automatic user provisioning and de-provisioning

Search integration with corporate intranet to allow kPoint kapsules to be found by employees easily when they are seeking information. The precise kapsule search allows the employees to seek within the kapsule to the relevant portions directly, saving time and increasing efficiency of knowledge retrieval.

Integration with L&D systems to support formal learning credits for the video-learning content, along with tracking of course completion. kPoint kapsules are available as courses in the MNC’s learning portals, which can be opted for by the employees as part of their annual training requirements.

Provide self-paced training for all employees: Online access to kapsules. View anywhere, anytime. View at your own pace. Repeat views for complex training.

Facilitate interactive and collaborative learning: Bookmarks, questions, tags, comments on kapsules allow employees to interact with expert trainers and also learn collaboratively.

Enable Business Units in delivering customer delight: Apart from global video-learning, kPoint is also being leveraged by business units in the MNC to capture tribal knowledge in their delivery organizations, resulting in improved productivity to their customers. The L&D department thus enables the BUs to improve their bottom-line and contributes directly to the business goals of the MNC.

kPoint has been successfully integrated into the L&D processes and systems, as well as the enterprise ecosystem, making it the de-facto platform for video-learning at the IT services company. The kPoint roll-out by the L&D department is now also being leveraged by the Business Units for applications beyond the video-learning use case, resulting in enterprise-wide benefits of the solution.

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