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About the Customer
Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is the flagship company of the $2.1 billion Kirloskar group. The core businesses of KBL are large infrastructure projects (Water Supply, Power Plants, and Irrigation), Project and Engineered Pumps, Industrial Pumps, Agriculture and Domestic Pumps, Valves, Motors, and Hydro turbines.

KBL’s customers and distributors are spread across the globe.  The marketing department has a global reach of 80+ countries with 1800+ strong distributor network that connects KBL to the customers.

Challenge: Delivering Marketing and Sales Training to Distributors
KBL had a well-established global distributor network and extensive product catalog, which necessitated continuous training for sales and after-sales personnel as well as an efficient mechanism for dissemination of technical content and marketing collateral. Some of the challenges faced by KBL were:

Digital Marketing and Product Promotion: Several stakeholders need to be aware of product features, product positioning, product differentiators and new features. These need to be conveyed in a consistent manner across the stakeholders, with emphasis on rapid information delivery, discoverability and easy access.

Cost-Effective Distributor and Sales Training: Distributors and the sales teams need to be quickly trained on the new technology as well as the product offerings for effective customer engagement improved sales. It was also necessary to minimize travel cost and loss of productivity during training sessions, without compromising on the training content or effectiveness.

Ongoing Training Requirements:The size of the product catalog, and regular upgrades to products and technology required ongoing training to be delivered across the distributor and sales network, with analytics on the viewership.

In order to address these challenges, KBL were seeking a video content management platform that allows
1. Easy and rapid creation of custom multimedia-rich content that can be delivered globally
2. Secure hosting, sharing and streaming of the content over the Internet; accessible anywhere, anytime
3. Easy discoverability, search within multimedia content and an interactive, collaborative learning experience
4. Viewership tracking, analytics and reporting on the content to ensure effectiveness
5. Robust platform that would scale seamlessly based on viewership patterns and the requirements of a global organization.

kPoint for Global Digital Marketing and Distributor Training
kPoint video content management platform offered KBL the platform that met all the requirements comprehensively, and it was chosen to deliver global digital marketing and distributor training across the KBL network.

kPoint video content management platformFigure 1: How KBL leveraged kPoint, a video content management platform  for worldwide digital marketing

KBL has successfully deployed and integrated kPoint to their overall digital marketing strategy

Record technical expertise as video kapsules: SME sessions, product updates, technical know-how are recorded as multimedia kPoint kapsules. Video and content, fully searchable, easy to navigate and interactive.

Distributor and sales team outreach: Create rich multimedia sales collateral, that captures product information and service offerings as kapsules, so that outbound messaging is consistent across all stakeholders and can be easily delivered online.

Self-paced distributor training: Cost-effective delivery of ongoing distributor training by creating multimedia reference kapsules for product offerings and new technology, without incurring the travel costs, logistics costs or loss of productivity. This is especially useful for distributors in SME segment, who may not have in-house expertise on complex technology.

kPoint video content management platform has been successfully leveraged by KBL as a part of their next-generation digital marketing strategy. The kPoint roll-out by the marketing department is now also being leveraged SME, distributors, marketing and sales personnel across the globe, resulting in enterprise-wide benefits of the solution.

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