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Senior finance executives in large organizations need to constantly upgrade their skills in order to stay abreast of new regulations, understand the latest trends in business and remain professionally competitive. However, given their busy schedules, work commitments and travel costs, it is not always feasible for them to attend in-person training sessions to acquire such knowledge.

kPoint is a cloud-based multimedia learning and sharing solution, that provides an easy-to-use way to deliver content using video, voice, written text, documents and desktop. Multimedia-rich presentations can be captured as kPoint kapsules for learning within an organization, or delivered live in a kPoint Meeting with participants joining from various locations over the Internet. The kPoint Meeting can also be recorded as kPoint kapsule, which can be viewed again for reference after the session is over.

kPoint thus provides a unique solution to address the challenges faced by senior executives and deliver training content to them – both in as live kPoint Meetings as well as offline kPoint kapsules. This case study describes how a leading financial services and global business information company successfully used kPoint to deliver such rich multimedia trainings programs.
About the Customer
The customer is the world’s leading source of global business information, knowledge and insight.It licenses information on businesses and corporations for use in credit decisions, business-to-business marketing and supply chain management. The company currently has 5000+ employees worldwide, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.
kPoint for Senior Executives Training
Need for kPoint
The company offers various services to its customers as part of its business information offerings. One of the services offered is short-term training for senior executives. These 6-8 week courses are conducted for corporates in specialized areas such as financial management, macroeconomics and taxation. The target audience is senior executives, who have time constraints and cannot attend in-person. The typical size of the batch is 25-30 executives, who belong to different organizations and may be spread across the country. They have access to good Internet connectivity, and keen to attend such training courses to upgrade their skills and apply the knowledge to their professional activities.

In order to overcome the challenges described above and also reach out to a pan-country target audience, the company decided to deliver these trainings online using kPoint Meeting functionality.

kPoint Solutions

kPoint Meeting provides an effective solution by combining various interactive media during live delivery of training content. kPoint has a managed service offering for conducting such training sessions online, which includes the kPoint Customer Support team providing the following services:

1. Launching the course in kPoint
2. Provisioning all registered attendees in kPoint, as per the list received from the company
3. Scheduling session-wise kPoint Meetings as per course schedule
4. Assistance to the presenter for peripheral setup and kPoint Meeting launch during every session
5. Monitoring every session for quality and any attendee assistance with kPoint
6. Making the recorded kapsule available to all attendees at the end of every session
7. Collating analytics on kapsule viewership and sharing with the company for weekly reviews

Attendees can join kPoint Meeting from anywhere using an Internet connection and browser. They can interact with the trainer live using the kPoint Meeting features such as “Chat” and “Questions”. The trainer can keep the attendees engaged by using a variety of media in the session – documents, slides, electronic whiteboards, desktop sharing and multimedia video content. The presenter video lends a personalized touch to the remote training. The presenter can also ask multiple-choice-questions and polls during the session to test attendee engagement with the content and how well they are learning. The live classroom environment is thus simulated as closely as possible in kPoint Meeting.


kPoint also automatically generates kapsules from the training session, which are available as a reference to all registered attendees for the duration of the course. These kapsules can be viewed any number of times, can be annotated by the trainer with bookmarks to highlight key points. The attendees can also ask time-stamped questions on the kapsule, which are forwarded to the trainer via email. The responses received for these questions are available for all viewers as part of the kPoint kapsules. This user generated content (UGC) makes the kapsules a rich source of information on the topic which is fully searchable and allows easy, self-paced study using a multimedia-rich medium of instruction.

Benefits of Using kPoint for Senior Executive Training
The company has been delivering training sessions on kPoint since 2011. Some of the key advantages of delivering the training using kPoint Meeting:

Benefits for the company
Fully Managed Service: kPoint offers a full managed service model for this training initiative, ensuring that the setup and logistics of conducting the sessions are managed appropriately.  During the live sessions, kPoint support persons are available on online chat and phone to help out participants and presenter. The trainers can thus focus on the delivery of content during the sessions. kPoint also offers periodic reports on kapsule viewership for every session.
Remote Training Delivery: Trainers can deliver the training session from any location with appropriate Internet connectivity.
Complete Functionality: kPoint Meeting offers the same functionality as in-person trainings, thus making the delivery of content effective and engaging.
Benefits for the Attendees
Convenient and Cost Effective: Attendees can join kPoint Meeting sessions live from anywhere, saving the travel costs and time associated with attending the sessions in-person.
kapsules as Reference: Attendees who miss a particular session can view the recorded kapsule and be up-to-speed with the rest of the batch. kapsules are also available for multiple repeat viewings if the attendee wishes to refer back to specific sections or revise previous material.Precise kapsule Search: kPoint allows trainees to quickly search for a term present in the kapsules making it easy to find information quickly, an important feature for senior executives.
Interactivity: Viewers of kapsule can interact with the trainers using queries, which can be added to kapsules and answered by trainers in offline mode. Queries that are made public are also visible to other viewers. Viewers as well as the instructor can also add bookmarks to kapsules to highlight specific areas of interest.  This way the experience that viewers get in offline mode, is as good as they get in on-line attendance.
Increased Productivity: The collaborative experience causes increased productivity throughout the batch and improved learning experience.

kPoint collects and provides detailed statistics about how the kapsules have been accessed in the duration of the course.  This includes important information such as:
1. Confirming access by viewers and the usage behavior – number of views, heatmap, most accessed bookmarks, top question contributors and so on
2. Viewership summary of kapsules for every training program
3. Topics of interest within kapsules – bookmarks accessed, search terms used, etc.
4. Per user precise viewership.

These statistics provide a complete picture to the company, displaying how often the batch is viewing kapsules and how they are reacting to the information provided. As a result, there is a direct correlation between the time an executive spends with training material in an engaged manner and their ability to benefit from the program.
Conclusion and kPoint Usage Summary for the Program
kPoint deployment for the company thus supports
1. Conducting and capturing training sessions in multimedia rich format in form of kPoint kapsules
2. Sharing kapsules over the kPoint portal and making them available to the select batch of registered users
3. Interactions between viewers and trainers via queries, bookmarks, comments, tags in kapsules
4. Efficient search to specific region of the kapsule for just-in-time and self-paced learning
5. Tracking the viewership of kapsules and provide analytics and usage patterns

At the time of writing this report, the company has conducted 12 training programs using kPoint Meetings.  Each such program runs for duration of 6 weeks on an average.  600+ participants have benefited out of it.

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