kPoint Enabled To Strengthen The Knowledge Sharing Culture At BPCL

kPoint Customer Success Story

kPoint Enabled To
Strengthen The Knowledge
Sharing Culture At BPCL

About Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL)

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is an Indian public sector oil and gas company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Corporation operates two large refineries in the country, located in Kochi and Mumbai. The company is India’s 2nd largest downstream oil company and is ranked 275th on the Fortune list of the world’s most giant corporations.

The Challenges

Inability To Have All Videos In One Place

Before BPCL started using the kPoint enterprise video management platform, it was next to impossible for them to have one place across the organization to act as a knowledge repository so diverse knowledge could be shared and distributed. An ability to create domain-specific knowledge and make it available to consume was a real challenge.

Location, Geographical and Interdepartmental Barriers

Without the kPoint enterprise video management platform, it was challenging to achieve this vision of having an easy to use the video platform to create and distribute learning content across locations considering the geographical spread of the organization.

Inability to enable viewership at the employees’ convenience

Enabling all employees to keep their knowledge and skills updated, and helping them stay abreast with the latest events and knowledge sharing talks in the organization at their convenience was a challenge.

The relevance of the kPoint enterprise video management platform and its user base has greatly grown over the time at BPCL. Our Association/Partnership with kPoint today gives us the confidence to drive continuous learning and further strengthen the knowledge sharing the culture of the organization.
Mahendra Kumar,
GM T & D – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited.

The Solution and Initiatives Spawned

The company’s learning center’s vision is “… to capture tacit knowledge within the organization and build a knowledge repository for all employees on topics of organizational importance …”.  With this vision in mind, BPCL began their journey with kPoint enterprise video management system, in 2017. Three years down the line, with more than 500 videos hosted on the platform and more than 5000 users accessing the video management platform, Vizdome ⎼ powered by kPoint ⎼ has been instrumental in helping BPCL move closer to this vision.

Major Initiatives by BPCL Using the kPoint Enterprise Video Management Platform

  • Annual Vizdome Contest
    The primary objective behind this initiative is to create a knowledge repository of learning videos contributed by employees themselves. This annual contest has been a massive success for the last two years, encouraging video creation throughout the organization. The top 10 videos every year are awarded in a high profile event. 50+ high value videos capturing employee contributed knowledge were created every year. All videos were reviewed by the BPCL team and then published on the Vizdome portal. 
  • Digital Workplace Solution
    The ERP team uses Vizdome for process-related videos, mostly on BPCL’s Digital Workplace solution, their internal portal (e-office and i-connect)  functions. Recently, the team has started uploading Webex session recordings of the training sessions conducted, e.g., Retail Invoicing System, which will make these sessions available on-demand.
  • MAK Centre of Excellence
    kPoint and BPCL team initiated Subject Matter Expert (SME) knowledge capture use cases for their MAK Centre of Excellence (CoE) Division, called MAK Lubricants – New Age Learning. The Leader of the CoE identified the topics. SMEs, chosen to be the most appropriate for each topic, created videos (video clip and ppt slide) on the identified topics themselves. The ease-of-creation of the kPoint enterprise video management platform was critical to the success of the program as the SMEs created the videos themselves. Each video has been watched over 200 times from 15 different locations, leading to cost-effective knowledge capture and sharing never seen before at BPCL.
  • Email Security Awareness Campaign by Infosec
    Initially, the Information Security (IS) team shared newsletters through email; later, after exploring the functionalities of  Vizdome, these newsletters were videofied for consistency in information shared, making information available on-demand, and tracking analytics for compliance assessment. This videofication not only made the content easier to understand, but the response improved. In the first week itself, 400+ viewers from 17 locations consumed this content, a response level that far exceeded the readership of the newsletters.
  • National Safety Week
    BPCL launched a Learning Videos Competition on their Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) theme using Vizdome. This initiative aimed at collating learning and knowledge sharing videos on HSSE across the organization and it was very well received. BPCL employees created and uploaded 70+ videos in 3 weeks, representing an organization-wide collection of hard-to-find know-how related to its unique work environment.
  • BPCL Benefits Admin Group
    The Time Management process followed at BPCL Mumbai refinery is complex. Capturing all the steps and detailed aspects of the process in video form was important to maintain consistency and ease of understanding. The process video is now seen not only by all new members who join the group, but also whenever there is a clarification needed. Helpdesk questions have turned into self-help. 

The Benefits

As an easy to use video learning platform, Vizdome ⎼ powered by kPoint enterprise video content management platform ⎼ has enabled users and business units to create and share learning videos across the organization.

With a host of employees and SMEs creating videos spanning themes like safety, product knowledge, business process knowledge, standard operating procedures and guidelines, innovation, etc., the knowledge sharing culture has taken root at BPCL. 

With employees extensively leveraging the in-built kPoint Studio with its easy DIY method to capture their knowledge in video format, upload, and share, the quality and size of captured knowledge has gone up and the video creation costs have gone down. 

In the current situation, where dissemination of knowledge is a challenge due to proximity difficulties and where we are facing the challenge of staying connected and keeping the employees engaged, we have seen the kPoint enterprise video management platform help us in ensuring that the learning continues and that employees face no difficulty in sharing their knowledge with the rest of the organization.
Mahendra Kumar,
GM T & D – Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Few Achievements

BPCL presented Vizdome ⎼ powered by kPoint enterprise video management platform ⎼ as one of its key innovative practices in the domain of Learning and Development. The initiative stood out for its uniqueness in leveraging employees as content developers, creating a rich repository of learning videos, and as an innovative and effective medium of learning. 

  • BPCL was declared the winner of the LEAP Award for the most innovative training initiative of the year 2018.
  • BPCL bagged First prize for the Most Innovative Training Initiative at L&D Symposium of the Oil Industry at IIPM, October 2018

The Results Achieved In 2020









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