kPoint Helped BOB Deliver An Ongoing Learning Experience To Employees.

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kPoint Customer Success Story

kPoint Helped BOB
Deliver An Ongoing
Learning Experience
To Employees.

About Bank Of Baroda (BOB)

Bank of Baroda (BoB) is an Indian multinational, public sector banking and financial services company. It is the third-largest public sector bank in India, with 131 million customers, a total business of US$218 billion, and a global presence of 100 overseas offices.

The Challenges

Lack of Efficiency In Learning Delivery

Before kPoint, BoB was using SCORM content to deliver learning which took time to create as well as deliver via an LMS.

Coarse-grained Analytics

The available viewership analytics was coarse and that prevented tracking of exactly how the viewership is happening. Since some completions are linked to promotions, this created a challenge.

Lack of Recordings

Recorded videos of live sessions were not available easily. As a result, live sessions were conducted only during office hours, and users could not watch during non-banking hours.

We weren’t aware of how greatly the kPoint platform could be used for delivering a just-in-time, in-the-flow-of-work learning experience to employees. During Pandemic, we have seen 500%+ growth in the platform usage.
Riti Jani – AGM, Bank Of Baroda

The Solution

At BoB, they have integrated the kPoint video platform with their LMS to distribute training for all their employees. These trainings have two components, mandatory training and optional. In both cases they use videos along with other learning materials. 

Specifically, we have delivered the

  • Ability to maintain and manage the training calendar effectively by provisioning asynchronous video training to mitigate the current challenges,
  • Ability to create, manage and share video training modules securely and without external dependencies via a single platform,
  • Experience of interactive engagement, in-built assessments, and analytics for videos shared for communication and learning,
  • Integrations with LMS, HRMS, and AD,
  • Support for all devices and mobiles for a secure reach and consumption in branch locations,
  • Meta-data functions, auto-indexing, and transcripts, multi-lingual closed captions, video chaptering, and search within videos provide a pleasant and productive experience to employees and learners, and 
  • The ability to self create videos and converting physical training modules on ppt/pdf/word, etc., into videos with an explanatory narrative reduced the content creation costs and increased the organization’s agility. 


  • They have a dedicated team to create content on the various process areas, different banking products, new launches, or change in any process.
  • The videos are created using an external tool like Adobe captivate ( do not use studio since there is a port dependency)
  • Videos are uploaded via the LMS interface and linked to their courses.
  • Employees are enrolled in the courses and are tracked for completion.
  • Video analytics is used to track the progress of the employee.
  • HR tracks the progress of the employees and sends reminders.
  • All activities are done in LMS (video upload, video viewing and tracking)


  • Live streaming over kPoint has been used for sessions that explain new regulatory changes, how they impact BoB, and broadcast of key talks by the leadership team.
  • Viewers login to kPoint to attend the session.

The Benefits

Delivery of video content all over the world is much more efficient due to kPoint’s global distribution network. During creation, the additional layering of SCORM objects became unnecessary, saving time. 

With fine-grained viewership analytics, they are now able to track exactly how the viewership is happening. This simplified stock-taking of training received during the promotions process. 

Live streaming and its automatically produced video on demand enable our organization to run different programs. One of our flagship programs is Baroda Radio, where we get different folks across BoB to speak on different topics. Availability of the VOD post live helps users to watch during non-banking hours.
Riti Jani – AGM, Bank Of Baroda

The Results Achieved In 2020

32.5 K


61.1 K



New Video
added in a year


hours of
new content

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