kPoint as a communication platform in a large conglomerate

About the customer
A large conglomerate has several group companies. The conglomerate has been growing at a steady pace and has been expanding horizons outside India. The conglomerate has companies spread across the globe and work locations in all the time zones. A division of the conglomerate is responsible for executing group level initiatives.These initiatives are crucial for the group not only to connect the group by a common thread but also to have uniform processes. This division has 30 consultants and is expected to work closely with business units in group companies to manage these initiatives.

The challenge
Efficient communication is the backbone of the operations of the division. The traditional mode of communication had been face-to-face meetings, in-person presentations and video conferencing. With the geographical spread, these modes of communications were not as efficient and were adding severe pressure on limited resources in the division. The division essentially needed a cost effective communication solution. The communication mechanisms needed to enable the division to:

1. Collaborate with rest of the group companies
2. Generate awareness about the initiatives
3. Train the group companies on mechanics of the initiatives
4. Promote the initiatives to increase engagement of the group companies
5. Perform as many activities as possible in asynchronous mode

kPoint solution and benefits
kPoint offered the division a platform that met all the requirements comprehensively. Using kPoint, the division could reduce the travel significantly. The division could also reduce significant repetition in the work. This not only saved the costs but also the work-life balance was restored as there was a less need to travel and coordinate across time zones. Following are the different ways in which kPoint is used:

Capture awareness programs as video kapsules: Awareness programs are conducted in only one geography. The programs are recorded as multimedia kPoint kapsules. Due to kPoint’s cloud based creation and hosting, the video creations and subsequent sharing anywhere across the globe became very easy. The authentication mechanism in kPoint enabled secure sharing where needed. The video content is fully searchable, easy to navigate, and interactive.This asynchronous mode of communication made life simple. Everyone could get the information and ask questions around the content at their convenience.

Use web conferencing for collaboration: Video conferences were not always possible as they required the necessary infrastructure to be in place. For the executives who are on road, video conferencing is not a feasible solution. Video conferencing also makes content sharing very inefficient. Use of kPoint webinars with phone conference now enables 100s of participants to join without the infrastructure costs. The kPoint kapsules (rich, easy to navigate, discoverable and secure recordings) that were produced from these web meetings automatically led to kPoint web meetings being preferred to other standard web meeting offerings.

Increase shelf life of events: Events and competition are integral part of the division’s operation. This is a necessity when it comes to connecting group companies. A lot of efforts are put in terms of getting right speakers and creating right experience. In order to make these efforts pay richer dividends, the division captures these events on kPoint. The way kPoint shows the presenter and content side-by-side helps the division’s post-event attendees re-live the talk. Attendees can watch the track they missed. Attendees can find the right video and reach directly the point of interest using kPoint search. With the discoverability and search, these kapsules keep adding to the knowledge base the division builds up for the conglomerate.

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