kPoint and Persistent systems make organizational learning simpler, more engaging and interactive

kPoint Technologies, an award-winning technology innovator that offers cloud-based creation of interactive video presentations, today announced it has formed a partnership with Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT), the global leader in software product and technology services, to deliver a joint solution that makes organizational learning simpler, more engaging and interactive. Persistent Systems’ eMee Gamification platform is now integrated with kPoint to provide a single, highly visual and engaging solution for corporate training and knowledge management.

In most organizations, corporate training and learning methods end up placing the burden on employees to gain job related training, regardless of whether they are motivated or not. eMee’s gamification platform enables productive social learning and helps transform training and information exchange into a voluntary and self-motivated activity. kPoint enables any user to create, distribute, and enhance sophisticated video-based content, empowering an organization to implement agile sharing of know-how.

With integration of eMee platform with kPoint, an end user searching for information in eMee is able to zero in on the most relevant kPoint kapsule and start ‘playing’ from their point of interest. Persistent’s eMee platform has an ‘Avatar’ where online profiles and social interactions can be captured. With the combined solution, kPoint kapsules which are relevant to an employee’s interests become a part of their Avatar and the social environment of the employee. This positive reinforcement between an employee’s area of interest and available kPoint content, typically created by a social contact through eMee, increases his or her motivation significantly, leading to a more natural and effective learning experience.

“Gamification infuses new life into teaching methods that have long been difficult to administer and sustain,” said Siddhesh Bhobe, Business Head of eMee. “Organizations using kPoint kapsules can leverage eMee to encourage and enthuse users to not only consume kPoint content, but also contribute to organizational learning in a much simpler and interactive manner using social and game elements. eMee also makes it easy to tie e-Learning to performance management, appraisals, goal setting and certifications for employees.”

“Integration between content creation tools and social platforms is crucial,” said Atul Narkhede, CTO, kPoint. “With kPoint, companies are capturing the important information nuggets in a natural way. Presenting this information through eMee’s gamification platform makes two powerful systems work together instead of in silos, providing a one-stop solution. eMee has an engaging environment and kPoint kapsules deliver a highly visual and interactive way to help employees with organizational learning.”



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