Author: Anuradha M

Personalized Videos : The Future Of Video Marketing

In a dynamic economy and amid stiff market competition, you need sales & marketing communication that stands out.  Unfortunately, most sales & marketing materials follow a templatized structure with a one-size-fits-all model. This causes fatigue among your audience, causing disengagement and eventually drop-off. For instance, around 10 seconds into an average video 20% of your [...]

Changing Tack: Towards Online Learning Experiences

Physical distancing forced by Covid-19 is the key driver towards fully online Learning Experience Platforms (LXP). Will your self directed Learners choose business critical content? Knowledge shared by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who have learnt how to create engaging content will most likely be consumed. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your SMEs have the [...]

Are Marketers Getting Enough from The Tube?

Changing times call for changing technology. With video set to continue its dominance in the content world, marketers want more than YouTube can offer: a way not just to broadcast their content, but also to store, manage, edit, produce, promote, and measure it. Modern video marketing platforms can help marketers blaze into the digital age — […]

Complex concept made easy to grasp

What to look for in this video: Enhanced learning experience through text-driven video approach. Look out for underlined highlights in the text that will directly take you to the points of interest within the video. Rich text driven video blog enhances the point being made in a video presentation, making learning more efficient.