Unified Communications

Unbreachable video security: How we keep your video content secure and exclusive

  Using any cloud based collaboration and content management solution requires careful consideration of potential security threats and the resultant business risks. Before deploying any such application, there are certain business security needs that must typically be addressed. These include:   Preventing unauthorized use of the service and its features Ensuring availability and reliability of [...]

Are Marketers Getting Enough from The Tube?

Changing times call for changing technology. With video set to continue its dominance in the content world, marketers want more than YouTube can offer: a way not just to broadcast their content, but also to store, manage, edit, produce, promote, and measure it. Modern video marketing platforms can help marketers blaze into the digital age — […]

How Video Helps Solve Today’s Top L&D Challenges

Here’s a 15-word horror story for every L&D professional out there: The average employee only spends 1 percent of their work week on training and development. Courtesy of a Deloitte study, this statistic has come to symbolize the difficulties of running an effective and evolving L&D department in today’s world. In today’s world, L&D is still playing catch […]

Prompt and frequent CXO communication

What to look for in this video: CXO creates engaging content for timely communication with sales team. Browse through the highlights or search for a particular word to reach exact point in the video where it is used. Prompt and frequent communication by the leadership facilitates a greater alignment to organizational objectives.