Corporate Communications

10 Events Enterprises should use Live Streaming For

  Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated, WHEREVER YOU ARE! The past few years have witnessed the meteoric rise of live streaming. Today ‘live streaming’, conjures up exciting global marketing campaigns… Or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that you have live streamed to your mobile… Or maybe waiting to live stream the Cricket World Cup Final! [...]

How Video Helps Solve Today’s Top L&D Challenges

Here’s a 15-word horror story for every L&D professional out there: The average employee only spends 1 percent of their work week on training and development. Courtesy of a Deloitte study, this statistic has come to symbolize the difficulties of running an effective and evolving L&D department in today’s world. In today’s world, L&D is still playing catch […]

Prompt and frequent CXO communication

What to look for in this video: CXO creates engaging content for timely communication with sales team. Browse through the highlights or search for a particular word to reach exact point in the video where it is used. Prompt and frequent communication by the leadership facilitates a greater alignment to organizational objectives.