kPoint Technologies releases Point of Presence, a media caching solution for smoother video viewing

kPoint Technologies has announced the release of Point of Presence (PoP), a media caching solution for video. The innovative caching solution greatly improves viewer experience by providing rapid video loading, uninterrupted video streaming and highest possible screen resolution. kPoint PoP reduces bandwidth consumption and server load by eliminating re-delivery of video content to the network.

kPoint Technologies today announced the release of Point of Presence (PoP), its innovative video caching solution for both viewers and creators. Video content requested by viewers is cached locally by PoP to be available for future requests by other enterprise users. Similarly, PoP reverse caches videos created by users and subsequently pushes them to the kPoint CDN for asynchronous distribution.

kPoint PoP improves viewer experience by providing rapid video loading and uninterrupted video streaming. Apart from greatly improved user experience, PoP offers significant savings on bandwidth usage costs as well as through its innovative pay-per-user licensing model.

Following the release, Shridhar Shukla, Managing Director of kPoint, said, “At kPoint we are constantly innovating to improve our customers’ video experience. We identified an opportunity to introduce proxy cache technology into the video delivery chain and optimize corporate network load. We have successfully deployed kPoint PoP extensively across our enterprise installations and are now delighted to announce its availability as a standard enterprise feature.”