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kPoint Video Central

At kPoint, we realise how important it is to make videos accessible for everyone. Over the last five years, we have gained significant insights into the needs of customers who have a lot of video content and are looking at ways to make this content easily and efficiently available.

That is why we are excited to announce kPoint Video Central, our cloud-based video storage and streaming platform that lets users view videos anywhere, on any device, and on any kind of network. So if you have a lot of video assets that need that extra zing, the new kPoint Video Central will do that for you.

The new kPoint Video Central has been built to enable you to host your videos, publish it with corporate security, search through it, share it, embed it, promote it, and look at viewership analytics. It has been built to not only impress you, but wow your viewers as well.

The player
The player isn’t just an outer box that streams your video. It delivers your message. And since the player is tasked with this important job, we’ve built one that has a refreshing look and feel, and with more options to customise and drive engagement.

Heavier videos, faster uploads
We realise that even a ten-minute HD video file can be as heavy as 1 GB. And that you need to not only upload it on kPoint, but upload it faster. So now you can upload multiple videos of up to 5GB with a single drag and drop. The videos will be pushed to kPoint through the nearest CDN, enabling much faster uploads.

OCR based search
Converting images of text within your videos into regular indexable text can be very tedious. kPoint Video Central looks for textual elements within your video and makes them automatically searchable and indexable. You can then edit the text to create important highlights or transitions within your video. All this without having to download any external OCR applications. The power of OCR based search opens up tremendous possibilities for your video content, especially webinar recordings.

Automated spoken word search
In addition to fast and accurate search, we have added the spoken word search feature for conversion of English speech into text. The text then becomes automatically searchable and indexable, adding a new dimension to your video.

3rd party streaming of public content
YouTube, despite its strong content, has a few shortcomings from a business video perspective. Pop-up ads and lack of detailed analytics, for example. The challenge was to make the enormous amount of content on YouTube interactive and actionable. So we’ve gone ahead and combined YouTube’s content with our streaming capabilities. All you need to do is to provide the YouTube url on kPoint, and enjoy the convenience of YouTube content with the power of kPoint’s interactive widgets and analytics.

We realise how video interaction can help forge valuable relationships for you. Which is why the new kPoint Video Central provides you these features and additions that your video not only needs, but deserves.

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Manish Sapariya
Vice President, Technical OperationskPoint Technologies, Manish is a founding engineer at kPoint and is responsible for all technical operations including product QA, releases, cloud operations, product support, and product analytics on kPoint’s public as well as private cloud installations. Manish is a passionate testing evangelist and a hands-on leader and community developer.