Logix chooses kPoint, a video creation and sharing platform, for effective customer support

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Mumbai, September 2013, Logix, one of the pioneers in cloud services has chosen kPoint for its video needs. Widely known for its fanatic support, Logix has been servicing over 1200 customers on cloud platform for more than a decade. Logix focuses on cloud security, email, collaboration, and backup. kPoint is a multimedia video creation and sharing platform. Its unique videos (kapsules) are discoverable on the internet and are searchable within. Logix uses kPoint kapsules in pre-sales communication, training and customer support. Using kPoint multimedia kapsules, Logix creates “How to” kapsules, pre-sales promotional videos and internal training videos.

On this occasion, Prashant Mudbidri, Director at Logix said,” At our scale, videos play an important role: Videos bring efficiency to the process. A customer gets help at convenience. An inside sales person can send more visual information and reach more prospects. What we like about kPoint is ease of use. We can quickly create a multimedia video and share it with customers. Our prospects, employees and customers like this visual communication.”

Amitabh Deshpande, VP, Business Development at kPoint said,” Logix is known for its customer support. kPoint is the best fit when it comes to customer support. Logix has a long list of marquee customers and we are happy that kPoint will help them use Logix products more effectively. With the use of discoverable videos, Logix will surely stay ahead of the curve in customer self-service. ”

About Logix
Logix InfoSecurity Pvt Ltd. is India’s leading Information Technology Company specializing in Enterprise Mailing & Collaboration; Network Security & Internet Security Solutions. Logix has been servicing over 1200 customers for nearly a decade on the cloud platform. Cloud security, Cloud Email & Collaboration, Cloud Backup are three main focus areas for Logix. Logix’s private cloud infrastructure is hosted in India, Cloud Zimbra & Cloud Hybrid Exchange are delivered through these Cloud Setups. Logix has a large customer base using its Cloud Exchange, Cloud Zimbra and Cloud Hybrid Exchange services. Logix also builds and manages private cloud / on-premise deployments of these solutions. It is well acknowledged by Zimbra that Logix is the largest Zimbra Email Hosting Provider in India. Logix been a support driven organization has 60% of the employee strength engaged in customer support. Logix believes that efficient and timely support can only lead to ultimate customer satisfaction.

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