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The CEO of a top insurance company, with 700 centers across India, used kPoint to achieve something that many other CEOs would aspire to do; effective two-way communication across a large organization. A ‘New Year’ message expected to set the direction, bring clarity and inspire employees brought in an awe-inspiring response that turbocharged them for the year ahead.

He talked as he would otherwise in a town hall meeting. No special equipment, no makeup artists and no retakes. The team did not have to create videos that consume time, or worry about live meetings and webinars that demand challenging infrastructure, not to mention the logistical nightmare of getting 1000s of people online at the same time. There was no hassle of video upload or secured distribution. All 700 centers got their authentication credentials. Every center viewed the content. Some centers viewed the content several times. The managing team received detailed analytics on viewership. Users posted queries and the CEO answered at his convenience. Teammates posted comments appreciating the CEO, IT and HRM teams for their efforts in reaching out to them. Here are some verbatim comments out of 100s of comments.


“You are the first Chairman of ABC who has leveraged technology to reach out every ABCian all over the world. In this you have been a game-changer.”

“This was truly a LEADER’S speech. Under your leadership, we will be able to scale greater heights! Kudos to the IT and HRM teams who brought this speech to our door-step.”

“We receive your SMS’s regularly on various occasions on our Mobiles. Sir, this is indeed a path breaking step to see you on our PCs. Your message is well received.”

The event makes team kPoint feel proud. Our technology helped solve a difficult problem. Are you ready to set yourself apart through an effective two-way communication?

According to a Watson Wyatt Study “organizations whose employees understand the mission and goals enjoy a 29% greater return than other firms”. The CEO’s message will indeed go a long way in inspiring his team …

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