Forward looking Thermax chooses KPOINT for channel training

About Thermax

Thermax has developed products that include performing the functions of heating, cooling, water and waste management, and specialty chemicals. They have also designed, constructed and commissioned boilers for steam and power generation, power plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects.


The Challenge

Thermax Limited (Thermax) has chosen KPOINT for its channel training programs. Thermax, an energy-environment solutions provider, needs to transfer a lot of product, process and business related information to its channel partners. This challenge is compounded due to the time-critical nature of the information. When delivered in a timely manner, this information has a direct impact on the project cost and profitability. 

To address these requirements, Thermax has chosen to use KPOINT, an internet-based communication product from Pune-based KPOINT Technologies.


The Solution

KPOINT provides a cloud-based platform to communicate complex information via videos, shared documents, and webinars. With KPOINT, Thermax can reach remote distributors quicker without incurring huge logistic costs. 

Akshay Hulikavi, Sr. Manager – Information Technology at Thermax said, “Informing and training distributors is critical to the success of Thermax’s business. To cut down on cost and time, we have started using KPOINT as a platform to train our distributor network, without the need for our trainers to travel. We can use videos for refresher training. We had excellent support from the KPOINT team that ensured trouble free sessions.”

Amitabh Deshpande, VP, Business Development at KPOINT, said, “It is great to add Thermax to our elite list of customers. We are happy to provide innovative technology to enable Thermax to reach out to its distributors and customers. KPOINT offers an economical and cutting edge approach to provide marketing and sales information to integrate commercial benefits and technical know-how. It is interesting to find the range of applications of KPOINT ever increasing, from just in time training to marketing & sales.”

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