Enabling the sales team at Tata Communications to fast-track their customer journey

Tata Communications Limited (TCL) is a leading global provider of network, cloud, mobility, collaboration and security services to businesses globally. Headquartered in Mumbai and Singapore, it has more than 8500 employees across 38 countries. It is the world’s largest global network provider, handling more than 24% of the global internet traffic across 240 countries.

TCL was looking for an enterprise application for augmenting the product knowledge of their sales team to drive results and to provide the team with the right assets to ensure understanding of their product portfolio.


For augmenting the product knowledge of the sales team, it was a tiresome job to schedule trainings according to the availability of subject matter experts. They wanted to deliver this knowledge in an organised, consistent and interactive way and found it challenging to deliver these trainings without the constraints of place, time and platform.

For this, they were looking for a video solution that would:

  • Host all their video assets in one place
  • Provide end users with the ability to quickly search and find the relevant knowledge in the video repository
  • Deliver the video content to all employees, anytime and through any medium
  • Track learner engagement and content adoption

The Solution

Tata Communications recognised that video would be effective for training the sales team on their product offerings. But creating and managing video was expensive and laborious.

kPoint offered a unique opportunity for TCL to push their sales training to the next level, while being more efficient and cost-effective. To manage and distribute their content at a large scale, TCL used kPoint’s platform which is built to cater to business applications that typically use a large number of videos. Once the videos were uploaded to kPoint’s cloud-based platform, they could be viewed from any device across the 240 countries where their content can be accessed.

Having deployed our cloud-native video platform, the team could seamlessly share training modules and create playlists for different categories. kPoint’s video search and indexing feature made it possible for sales reps to search for specific bits of content within videos, making their knowledge videos more effective. kPoint also enabled the analytics that provided them insights on content consumption down to a granular level.

Key business outcomes

  • 85 videos with keyword-search enabled
  • 80+ hours of video content accessible anytime, anywhere
  • 200 sales executives and managers trained
  • 600 hours of video training

kPoint provided TCL the perfect solution to host, manage, distribute and measure consumption of their video content in a secure and scalable way. TCL could address the specific problems associated with training sales reps by enabling them to create a training video library with up-to- date product information, best practices, scenario examples and more for their sales team.

You can also push your sales training to the next level while being more efficient and cost-effective. Get in touch with us today!

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