Step by Step Screenshot Instructions- kPoint Live Streaming with Cream of Zoom.

  1. Login to kPoint
  2. Create an eventcreate an eventevent details
  3. Select the number of potential attendeesPotential Attendees
  4. Pick who has access, everyone in the organization, via SSO, Selected groups  from the Active Directory, or is it open for anyone who has the directory access
  5. Select the event you want to broadcast.broadcast
  6. Copy the link and share it with the attendees as part of the invitation.Copy and share link
  7. Select “External Broadcast”External aabroadcast
  8. Copy the following into a Notepad, you will need this for Zoom:
    A. Streaming URL: ( This is the URL for the event)
    B. Stream URL
    C. Stream Key

    Save stream details

  9. Login to Zoom. You will need a paid account to allow you to broadcast the conference.login zoom
  10. Schedule the same event as in kPoint within Zoom.schedule event
  11. Copy the Zoom URL to share with presenters( Not the audience who will watch the Live Stream)zoom url
  12. Select the “Custom Live Stream Settings” and fill in the details.
    custom livestreamsconfigure live streamconfigure part 2
  13. Start the Zoom meeting first and the pick the Custom Livestream. Zoom will start to broadcast to kPoint. Then the kPoint Live Stream. 
    zoom meeting with kpoint live stream
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