Blue Collar Training-Fast tracked by video technology

Where the human element is lost in artificial intelligence and robotics, blue-collar employees will be there to fill the gaps. It’ll be important to train employees on skills like troubleshooting and repairing machinery. While it seems increasingly difficult for the workforce to keep pace, employers are looking at training that aligns with job requirements in these new workspaces.

The most common challenges employers face during digital training of the blue-collar staff are fewer tools, distracted learners, gaining learners’ confidence, staying up-to-date with modern technology and subject matter experts with no prior instructional design knowledge. It’s hard to find time to step away for lengthy training when working in manufacturing and service industries. Whether workers are on site, helping clients, or on a factory floor, time is money.

Utilizing microlearning lessons within a platform that delivers this type of skill-based learning in bite-sized sections on any device allows employees to access training on their schedule. A few other critical attributes of solution include

  • Courses which are developed/ translated in several regional languages.
  • Short time to implement and deploy
  • Exact video usage analytics and  offline viewing to promote data maturity as indicated in the WWT curve

Although mobile technology has penetrated rural India the internet connectivity is still rudimentary, still organizations like BAIF integrated their Video Streaming Solution with an LMS. It works like wonders for large workforce that is not technically adept. Hero MotoCorp also augmented their culture of learning and collaboration through videos and delivered knowledge most effectively. BPCL is leading the way in bottom up knowledge capture by implementing cost-efficient video management.

Traditional videos are one way communication medium. However, interactive videos enable active engagement with the viewer, thereby resulting in higher ROI than traditional videos. If you are looking for more ideas on how to leverage your LMS to align with business strategy, or just want to say hello, feel free to send me an invite or a DM. I’ll get back to you.

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