Remote Offices And Content Security – How Is A Global Process Outsourcing And Technology Services Company Dealing With This Problem?

According to the 2021 Gartner CIO Survey, 64% of employees are now able to work from outside the office, and 40% actually are working remotely.

Security teams must pay close attention to how new work arrangements affect content security and its visibility.

Pune, India December 6, 2021 / kPoint Technologies, a state-of-the-art global enterprise video platform solved a vital video content security problem for a global process outsourcing and technology services company by setting up control over who can access which videos across their 3000+ branches.

A primary challenge kPoint addressed for the company was granting Active Directory users exclusive access to office proprietary content from non-office locations. Also, the company needed to restrict contract workers who were not in the Active Directory to access videos using only authorised IP addresses. Users from the office network needed access authorization in an auditable way.

They also needed enablement for securely sharing video content between various branch offices for production workflows, customer relationship management, collaboration, training, and onboarding.

The kPoint video platform built for the needs of large distributed global enterprises met the access control needs through its multidimensional security model that encompasses user identity, endpoint identity, network location, content attributes, and easy-to-set-up business rules. Once set up, the company’s content team is able to independently govern all video content access.

“We are delighted to add a layer of customization to our platform based on individual customer’s needs. Thanks to our customer’s requirement, the kPoint platform has support for a heterogeneous user population and options to turn access on or off based on multiple rules aligned with business needs”, said Manish Sapariya, COO, kPoint. “Our customers can now create, publish, manage video content securely and fulfill compliance demands.”

“We are a diverse organization working across 140 countries with local compliance needs. We need to enable remote employees and remote contractors for access to business-critical video content with zero risk to content security. kPoint has effectively addressed both these challenges for us.”, said the Global Head of Learning & Organisation Development of the market leader in process outsourcing and technology services.

About the customer: With 3000+ offices spanning 140 countries, our customer has successfully processed over 233 million sensitive documents as part of its public services over the last 2+ decades. The company offers a wide range of document services and is committed to automating, streamlining, and enhancing the customer experiences in public services across the countries it serves. Due to the nature of services delivered, highly trained staff familiar with the local rules is a business requirement and therefore invests substantially in staff training programs.

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