Founding Engineer to COO: Manish Sapariya’s journey at kPoint, India’s leading video platform

Pune, 6th July 2021- After 10 successful years, kPoint Technologies, an innovative video content management platform, has decided to up the ante in their product application, usability, and experience, on a global scale. Manish Sapariya, in his new role as COO, will be driving these goals. Bringing over 22 years of industry experience, Manish will be taking on the additional responsibility of driving business operations apart from the technical operations that he led in his earlier role as VP, Technical Operations.

“Right from the inception of kPoint, Manish has been crucial in designing the foundation and building kPoint into what it is today. As we scale our SaaS offerings, we need one person with an extensive understanding of our current offering, business, and user base to deliver robust scalability required for accelerating growth. Manish provides that combination of technology and business leadership, critical for companies in our growth stage” said Shridhar Shukla, Founder and Managing Director of kPoint. 

“This has been an incomparable ride for me. Right from contributing to the QA team to helping with all technical operations and now with helping all of the organization operations, I have been always offered new challenges and learning opportunities” says Manish.

Manish started his journey at GS Lab – the company that incubated kPoint, before moving to kPoint in 2011. From the beginning, he took on the responsibility of the QA for every product release as well as deployments at customer sites. As the Data Protection Officer, he ensured data security, privacy, and compliance measures were in place. It was under his guidance that kPoint complied with all relevant and important certifications including ISO 27000 and the GDPR. One of his most impactful achievements has been our seamless migration from an on-premise platform to an autoscaled video cloud built ground up.

Under Manish’s leadership, kPoint will make its proven Enterprise Video Platform in use by 1.2 million users even easier to deploy and scale for businesses of all sizes, helping them stand out in the new digital world driven by videos. 

About kPoint

kPoint is one of the most advanced video-sharing platforms, for easy creation, effective engagement, and insightful analytics. The product offering is both versatile and scalable. The company has built a feature-rich video content management platform that caters to a wide range from individuals and small teams who need no-fuss hosting to global enterprises with complex integrations and performance guarantees. With kPoint, you get one platform to manage all external and internal-facing video content, as well as on-demand and live-streaming video.

kPoint, since its inception 10 years ago, has hit a multitude of milestones. Right from being declared as the winner of awards like the prestigious Brandon Hall Awards in the Unique Learning Technology category and the Microsoft India Startup Challenge, to helping prominent industry leaders achieve remarkable efficiency, they have successfully made a lasting impact through the power of video. 

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