Product update: September 2019 Release

Personalized Video Marketing Solutions

kPoint integrates with WebEx

A lot of valuable content gets generated as part of WebEx meetings. Organizations find it immensely useful if they can make the recordings of these meetings easily shareable and searchable. Now kPoint allows its users to seamlessly connect their kPoint user account to WebEx and fetch the recordings of the meeting. The integration also allows users to live stream a WebEx meeting to a large audience through kPoint. kPoint will automatically generate a shareable recording of the meeting. Please talk to us on how would you like to make use of this?

Video recommendations at the end of the video

Are you interested in some specific topics but unaware of which videos are available on those topics in kPoint? To solve exactly this problem, kPoint has built a recommendations engine which will show you the videos you should watch based on your interests. kPoint lists the recommended videos on the video listing page, but in this release, we have started showing the recommended videos at the end of every video you watch. Now don’t miss any video on your topic of interest! Find this interesting? Talk to your customer experience manager for a walk-through.

Realtime monitoring dashboard for live events

One of the key use cases of kPoint’s live streaming feature is CxO communication – such as townhalls. In most of the live events, the event hosts and the IT team need to monitor the quality of experience the attendees are getting, so that they can take appropriate action to improve the experience. The realtime monitoring dashboard implemented in this release shows list of attendees, resolution of the stream for viewers, quality of the feed generated by the presenter and highlights any problems faced by viewers.