Product Update: November 2023 Release

Business communication has become more complex day by day, but the simple fact remains that scalable, sleek, smooth, and clear communication is what contributes to simplify business communication and create a lasting impact on your users. This quarter’s updates focus on taking a step further in this journey of a better communication experience.

Analytics on interactivity and engagement

Want to know more about just how much the viewers interact with your videos?

Now get a detailed report of the interactivity in the KPOINT videos, and the viewer engagement and preferences. We have enhanced our user interaction report which now includes the data collected for the chosen language in multilingual videos powered by KPOINT.

Using interactivity or player control, the language in which the video is watched for a dominant period of time will be presumed to be the preferred language for that video.

This will now allow you to:
a.  Understand the most preferred language in your videos.
b.  Understand the regional segmentation of your viewers.

Quantify your content through a channel report

You can now generate a single-channel report and gain access to the total volume of content within one channel!

The new update to the channel report now shows the number of videos in a playlist on a single channel.

Ease your life with a consolidated channel report that shows:
a.  Number of playlists
b.  Number of videos that are not in any playlist
c.  Total number of videos; including playlist videos within a channel

A single report is all you need to access important numbers in your channel!

A quick fix for Quickshoot system audio capture!

A crucial new feature that now encompasses the entire audio-visual experience.

Previously, Quickshoot did not capture the system audio. Quickshoot now gives a smooth and complete audio-visual experience, all in one go by capturing audio for all media.

A robust search for special characters!

Special characters are now a part of the discovery of your special videos!

A search for a particular video file name, that consists of special characters, will now pinpoint the exact video that is being searched for. This has led to a faster, and accurate search.

Responsive play button

An improved player experience is underway!

With our current player, viewers faced issues regarding the responsiveness of the play button with respect to the size of the player. Now as the player size changes, the play button shall proportionately change in size.

This gives a consistent viewing experience across all screen sizes.

Faster processing and generation time for all reports (Worker Task Scheduler)

With our transformed background processing applications, our customers will now be able to receive their desired reports simultaneously at a much faster rate. This will be a launching pad for simultaneous and faster processing of videos as well.

Concurrent processing and scalability are now in better reach!

As we keep making our platform better, to enhance your user experience, these updates are simply the tip of the iceberg. Keep watching this space for more as we are all set to start 2024 with a bang!