Product update: November 2020 Release

Engage viewers even more with kPoint’s brand new viewer experience

Your viewers make the majority of your user population. Considering this fact, kPoint’s new release brings a host of enhancements to engage them. Sharper fonts, larger images, a smoother viewing experience are just some of the new additions. A brand new player brings a much more cleaner look. Viewers can tag each other, that too to a specific timeline in the video. There are emojis now! Highlights and Transcripts have been placed separately to give faster read access. Sharing and promoting content is faster and easier now with these major enhancements.

Make your knowledge sharing process a breeze now

What if we tell you that sending out a secured video message now is as easy as sending a Whatsapp message? Your knowledge sharing process will now be much faster, thanks to kPoint’s ridiculously simple and brand new offering – Quickshoot. Whether you are an engineer, team leader, project manager, or a leader, you can now share and invite, video-based communication, without any IT or other intervention. Quickshoot encourages a simple 3 step process – Create – Engage – Analyse, through which you can send and analyze enriched video communication, that too securely, literally in a couple of minutes, and then quickly analyze who viewed what. Training, Compliance, SOPs, process improvements, leader communication – all are now right in the ‘flow of work’ with Quickshoot. We have no doubt you will love it when you start using it.

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Engage more with your Live audience

kPoint has had a highly scalable live streaming function for a while. Not only is it highly efficient and optimized, but now it also helps you scale Zoom and Webex sessions to potentially unlimited viewers and also auto-record and categorize them!  The live event experience is going to be more engaging with the addition of key new features of moderated Q&A. For the users who live stream events to external audiences, we are also enabling temporary registration of non-employees, so that they can attend and interact in the live event while also getting tracked with their name and email address. 

Drive decision-making better with kPoint’s enhanced analytics 

The new analytics platform is faster, more reliable, and flexible to cater to the needs of the authors and administrators. With the new platform for analytics, kPoint is ready to offer custom report building as a service. The inherent flexibility of the platform allows us to build reports as per customer needs in a short time and enable use case owners to run their use cases effectively. Your decision-making capabilities are just about to be improved by a notch with these advanced analytic features!


Better collaboration between author and viewer

The viewer and the publisher can now collaborate in the context of the video published. So, they can tag each other, and also point out to a specific timeline in the video. Sharing is thus much more simplified now by using the @ icon and communication has become faster. Creating discussion forums around a video is much easier now.