Product update: November 2019 Release

Secure login session control

In order to make kPoint even more secure, we have implemented a multiple user session restriction mechanism which allows one user to log in from only one device at a time. Now one user account can be logged in only from one device. kPoint will not allow users to login from multiple devices.

kPoint is GDPR compliant!

kPoint has implemented GDPR compliance. As a part of the GDPR policy, kPoint will ask for user’s consent to collect and use the privately identifiable information. Also, as required by the compliance process, kPoint will not only record every user’s consent but will be ready to delete the user’s past usage data in case user requests kPoint to do so. Please note: enforcement of GDPR policy on your organization’s video portal will be done in consultation with the IT and legal team of your organization.

Collect video author’s feedback

Video Authors are a critical set of users in the video ecosystem. We strive continuously focus on the ease of using the platform for them.
And that is why we have implemented a way to collect product experience feedback from video authors. The kPoint administrators have to enable this feedback. When the video recorded or uploaded by authors is processed by kPoint and is ready to be shared, authors will get the feedback survey link to them in an email. We will ensure every feedback is carefully evaluated and acted upon. Talk to your customer experience manager to start collecting the feedback.