Product update: March 2020 Release

Video expiry: Manage your old videos better

When there are too many old videos on your video portal which are no longer relevant, you need a video expiry mechanism. These old videos may take up all important space in the search results, popular videos listing, channel page at the expense of newer, relevant videos. And that’s why we have brought in a workflow through which old videos can be expired systematically. But don’t worry, the expired videos are not deleted. The expired videos are off sight for all viewers except author and admin.

You can read all the details of video expiry workflow in this support note

Improved playlist experience in mobile browser

We have improved the experience of how viewers can consume playlists from their mobile browsers. Now viewers will easily be able to view the playlists on the go. They can easily browse through the list of videos in the playlist as well as comment on a particular video all at the same time. It will be a good idea to share your content through mobile channels such as chat messengers and see if you get more viewership through the mobile phones.