Product update: January 2021 Release

New Year. New Studio. In A New Avatar.

You have been waiting. We have been waiting. And it’s finally here! Yes, the kPoint Studio is sleeker, easier, and richer. And, it is now in your hands.

The new Studio retains the essence of self-paced video recording and editing, but does much more. It eliminates the dependency on Flash and also rids you from the complex process of installing any plugins. Now one can easily create videos from multiple clips by recording, importing, editing and sequencing.

How It Works

The new studio is built with modern, and lighter technology. You will continue to have an improved self-paced
video creation experience. We have just made it easier by introducing the concept of “Projects”. We have also incorporated
all the learning from the use of legacy Studio of kPoint.

The Creator’s Journey is Now Way Easier

It speaks the Creator’s language now. We have introduced easy to
understand concept like: the Assets added to a Project can be placed
on the Timeline to Create a Video.


Raw versions of the video
clips imported or recorded
in the new studio. Even if
you edit these clips, the
raw versions will remain
the same


The place where you build
your video using clips. The
clips you add on the timeline
should be edited suitably and
will be used while generating
the video.


Collection of raw clips and
the edited clips on timeline
Export one or more videos
from a project. There can be
multiple videos generated
from and linked to a project.

Try It! to truly experience the new benefits

Try It! to truly experience the new benefits

No Plugins & Extensions Required

No more IT tickets.  One can get going on Chrome or
the latest Edge browser immediately.

Make It Personalized, Quickly

Quickly trim meeting recordings, add personalized
context to uploaded videos.

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

Worry not! A raw version of your video clip will
always be maintained to fall back on.

Our Support Team Is
Here To Always Help You