Product update: February 2020 Release

Your own enterprise podcast platform

When it comes to thoughtful on-demand content, Podcasts are the flavour of the day. Be it leaders sharing their vision or customers sharing their experience or even a sales person narrating a story of their sales cycle, sharing it in a form of podcast makes it super convenient for both speakers to produce and the audience to consume the content.
That’s why kPoint VideoCentral has enabled organizations to build a podcast library. With this release, your video platform not only allows you to also upload and share audio files, but also gives podcasts a prime time focus with highlighted listing space and gives users the ability to subscribe to their favorite podcast channels.

Get in touch with your customer experience manager to start using this feature today.

Improved analytics platform – New video dashboard – beta

All video authors love to get clear insights on how their video is received by viewers. They want to see the data quicker, and analyse it better by slicing the date range in which video has been viewed.
kPoint is moving towards a new analytics platform which can generate viewership reports faster and display dashboards which can be sliced and diced with a custom date range. In this release, you can experience the beta version of the video analytics dashboard. It has morphed the old, trusted video dashboard to a new look and has the ability to filter the dashboards with a custom date range giving authors an ability to analyse the viewers’ behavior in a better way. Try it out and give us your feedback.

Personalized Video Marketing

Improved page load times with faster thumbnails

kPoint has improved the way images are delivered over the web so that the thumbnail images for your videos look better and load faster. The organizations which use kPoint video platform to share their public facing videos will benefit tremendously as it will directly improve the page load times and in turn impact the SEO ranking of their website. While the users who are hooked on to the internal video library of their organization will be happy to scroll through video lists faster and see clearer thumbnails.