Product Update: December 2021 Release

Faster video processing

Now no more waiting for a long time for your video to get ready!

With our brand new video processing engine, we have not only doubled the number of CPU units allotted for each video stream, but also optimized our scale out mechanism to completely remove the queue wait time when concurrent videos are being processed.  The result speaks for itself! Our internal benchmark shows that average video processing time is reduced to less than three quarters of video duration; which means, you can expect a 20 mins HD video ready to be published in 15 mins or less.

And we don’t stop here.. we will continue to enhance the system for the case of larger batch sizes, so that your video gets processed faster irrespective of the number of videos you or your colleagues upload.


Video progress bar
progress bar circle -1

Our recent enhancement allows you to keep a track of progression in videos as they are being watched. This is very useful when you are going through a series of videos as part of a training and cannot complete it in one go – the watched indicator shows you which ones you have watched and helps you get started where you left off. You will find this on all the video listing pages on the portal.

Import Vimeo videos

You can now get Vimeo videos on the portal using the Import feature in kPoint. Simply provide the URL of your Vimeo video and import the video on the portal, and share it with the desired audience.

Import vimeo videos

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