Product Update: May 2021 Release

“Adding Notes” in Studio Makes Viewing More Engaging

From start to finish, make your video more organized, engaging, and easy to access by adding notes, title, separators, endnote, graphics, images & core branding elements in between video clip sequences with the “Add Note” feature in Studio. 

This could be used in multiple ways like adding structure to the corporate video messages with start and endnotes, organizing product videos for better accessibility by adding separators for each chapter, create marketing videos with branding using standard logo screens, end screens with contact information, etc.

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Make Video Reviewing a Breeze With Windows Hotkeys

Now you don’t have to reach for the mouse every second while reviewing the video clips in your asset list or timeline in the Studio. We bring you some useful hotkeys for windows to make reviewing a breeze while creating a video from multiple clips.

Use ‘SPACE BAR’ to toggle between ‘Play’ and ‘Pause’ while viewing a clip.

Use ‘>’ to increase & ‘<’ to decrease the speed while viewing the video.

While editing a video clip, use left or right arrow keys to trim the edges.

Give it a try!

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