kPoint’s Co-Founders Featured on Learning Tech Talks

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Last Friday evening, Feb 5, 2021, Christopher Lind spoke with kPoint founders Shridhar Shukla and Sunil Gaitonde. They were the featured speakers on Learning Tech Talks.

 “Explores the continually evolving landscape of learning technology through unbiased, in-depth conversations with technology providers from around the world”. 

In case you missed it, here are the highlights. Christopher has a high energy style of engaging his invited speakers to talk about what they do best. Shridhar joined him online from Pune, India and Sunil dialed in from Chicago, Il. USA..

Christopher starts with his program’s hallmark icebreaker question. “What was the first video you ever produced?”. It is an interesting question that has as many answers as the people answering it. It evokes memories and sheds light on our individual journeys using video. Try answering it for yourself! 

It was great to hear Shridhar and Sunil, co-founders of kPoint, speak about their longtime friendship that evolved into a successful partnership creating kPoint, a leading enterprise video management platform and Great Software Laboratory. This partnership forged by Shridhar and Sunil has indelibly shaped kPoint and its vision.

Shridhar and Sunil realized they needed a tool like kPoint while dealing with the challenges of building a team for the fast-growing Great Software Laboratory. Great Software Laboratory is a boutique product services company working with cutting edge technology. This homegrown solution seemed too good not to share and kPoint as a company was created in 2011. kPoint has come a long way since. Recently, kPoint was cited for its Enterprise Video Technology in Gartner Market Guide for Enterprise Video Content Management.

For an organization starting off and looking to embrace such technology, how do they begin? Sunil has several easy to implement suggestions to get started. He emphasizes the most important component: Employee engagement.

Video technology is extremely popular for viewing and consuming content. However, there are complex issues when creating videos in-house for an organization. The practical new paradigm is that video need not be perfect for it to be useful. Fresh relevant video content is far more important than a highly produced video that takes a long time to create and by the time it gets to the viewer may not be useful.

Employees who are subject matter experts will now create videos. Being recorded on video evokes different reactions from even seasoned trainers and people who are usually comfortable speaking in public. Some shy away from it and some embrace it. How do you deal with that? From the human angle to the legal, this conversation brought up an interesting conflict about giving employees a free rein in creating video content and ensuring that the content was accurate and compliant with regulatory standards in certain industries. How does company oversight not become a bottleneck and at the same time encourage a free exchange of information?

A lot of very relevant ground is covered in an upbeat interactive manner. Christopher Lind’s energy is infectious. The program runs for about an hour but here is what Christopher and Shridhar say about artificial constraints on the duration of published videos! It’s something to think about.

Let us know what you felt about the program. We’ll convey your opinions to Christopher. This conversation is sure to get you thinking about the use of enterprise video management platform. Do write to us about how kPoint video sharing platform could help your organization use video content successfully. We have the expertise and we can find a solution right for your needs.

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