A real story of achieving 10 times Return on investment with a move to kPoint’s blended training

One of the largest organizations in India used to regularly conduct 3 day trainings for senior management. This training covered more than 200 senior executives every year. The live interaction was crucial and hence this training could not be made completely asynchronous. The training involved serious planning, logistic costs, trainers’ involvement and most importantly time commitment of the attendees. The demand was to reduce the costs and trainer’s workload while improving the coverage and flexibility.

After a careful study of the course’s content, the company decided to move a day’s worth content to kPoint. With kPoint, the trainer invested only one time effort in training. Other asynchronous methods required magnitude of investments that made them less attractive. kPoint was integrated with the company’s LMS to embed the kapsule inside this LMS. kPoint ensured added authentication and detailed viewership tracking. The direct cost saving for the company was 10 times the investment.


Other than these direct cost benefits, the company and attendees enjoyed following intangible benefits.
1. Anytime, anywhere learning
2. Real life experience of seeing the trainer and content next to each other
3. Access to content for future needs
4. Discovery and search that helped reach the right part of the content when needed
5. No repeat trainings for the trainers
6. Limited workload for the training coordinator


Following this whopping success, the company is planning to move other certification trainings and learning modules to kPoint based virtual training. Of course ROIs would be of much higher magnitude if travel costs are reduced. With kPoint’s simple creation, search based consumption and interactivity, the costs of virtualization are reduced significantly, making it a great choice for training virtualization.

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