10 Events Enterprises should use Live Streaming For


Ladies and Gentlemen, please be seated, WHEREVER YOU ARE!

The past few years have witnessed the meteoric rise of live streaming. Today ‘live streaming’, conjures up exciting global marketing campaigns… Or Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that you have live streamed to your mobile… Or maybe waiting to live stream the Cricket World Cup Final!

Why should this matter?

Businesses should now use live streaming for a variety of events and activities that traditionally were deemed too expensive or physically difficult to coordinate. Adding to the fact that a geographically dispersed workforce needs to have an immersive and real-time experience, live streaming meets all these demands.

All-hands Meetings

Call it a Town Hall or the All-Hands, organizations have such round-up meetings to keep their employees abreast of current organizational initiatives, progress, and news. However, remote workers like field sales employees, staff in rigs etc. and other non-premise workers also need to attend these important meetings to be engaged with the company.

Live streaming these town hall meetings is the perfect solution to engage with your entire workforce by ‘getting everyone in the same room’.

Ask-me-anything Sessions

‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions gained popularity on Reddit as threads. Now ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions are becoming mainstream in the enterprise to boost employee engagement and facilitate two-way communication between employees and management.

Instead of relying on passive sessions, live-streaming these sessions can make those more engaging, interactive and transparent and help build a stronger sense of shared purpose.

Global Hack-a-thons

From fashion to fintech, these hack-a-thons (aka codefests) are a great place for experts and enthusiasts to connect to solve a problem in multiple creative ways. Some of the most innovative products were born at such events.

And in this global economy, what better way to connect so many people, across boundaries, time zones, and geographies?

You guessed it right – Live-streaming!

Initiative Launches

So you’re launching a great initiative that is expected to greatly impact the organization and the employees. You send out an email communicating the same. Half of these emails get deleted even before they are opened. Your workforce remains blissfully unaware of the good work you are doing.  The initiative is doomed to be a failure even before it touches the ground.

Instead, the live streaming of such initiatives generates greater engagement with the workforce by impacting visual relevance and presence positively.

Product Launches

In a world when new products get launched every day, one of the main reasons businesses choose to have large and expensive product launches, is to stand out. Be heard above the noise, is the mantra.

By live-streaming your product launches, you create an incredible buzz around your product. Live-streaming is the perfect platform to create the ‘wow’ factor. Apple has been doing such well-choreographed, live stream product launches for a while now.

On-Demand Training

Continuous learning is the norm in the enterprise. Rapidly evolving technology, social and economic dynamics have made change quite the constant in the enterprise.

Training in the age of continuous change has to be on-demand. Live-stream and record these training events and broadcast it to your audience. And you can do so without burning a hole in your training budget, while trying to meet the changing training needs of your enterprise.

Location Tours

Do you want to catch the Tour de France this year? If you are excited about this huge event but cannot be in France, there’s no need to lose heart. You can now catch all the 2019 Tour de France action using a live stream from wherever you are in the world.

If you can stream a live sporting event from anywhere across the world, then why wouldn’t you use the same option to conduct location tours of your facilities? Live stream your location tours and save time, expenses, and logistical nightmares easily.

CSR Initiatives

Communicating a meaningful story to a large audience is a primary objective of CSR initiatives.

Sharing CSR contributions from say a charity or volunteering event via live streaming, creates more momentum and a better impact.

The transparency live streaming brings ensures that your audience absorbs your message. It helps bring focus and inspiration to others to step and offer their help to your cause.

Brown Bag sessions

Are your Brown Bag sessions limited only to those physically present? If you answer yes, then you’ll be doing a great disservice to your remote workforce.

Brown bag sessions are informal training and learning events where internal or external knowledge experts share information and ideas on chosen topics. The range of these topics are endless, and it makes sense to have a democratic event where many can participate.

Live streaming brown bag events increases its reach. The workforce, irrespective of their location, can view these events easily.

Share Festivities and Celebrate Employees

Organizations today want to humanize themselves. Building a connection with the employees creates deeper engagement. However, in the absence of visibility, it can be hard to achieve.

Live streaming can help you increase visibility and gives your workforce a great opportunity to participate in festivities and celebrations happening in the organization. Be it a celebration of an employee at his desk or a regional festivity – you can build connections your entire workforce using live streaming. Imagine your entire organization watching a live stream of a soccer match between executive management and staff. Guess who everyone will be cheering for!

The time to go-live at work is now. If you are considering going Live at work, we’d love to share our experiences.